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Building a high-quality, feature-filled home must take a long time, right? Not with Texas Strong Homes. Our experience and efficient methods mean that we can deliver your dream home in as little as four months from the date you sign a purchase agreement.


After signing your Sales Agreement and obtaining loan approval with a Texas Strong Preferred Lender, your pre-construction meeting will be scheduled. This meeting is mandatory for all new construction and is a time for you to review all your home’s details including personalization options. After the meeting, construction on your brand-new Texas Strong home will move forward. This is the perfect time to begin researching options for homeowner’s insurance.



The foundation is the base of every home. Initially, your homesite is cleared and the footings are staked out around the perimeter of your new home, signaling where to begin digging. Steel rebar and tension cables are then placed in the footings and inspected by a third-party inspector prior to the pouring of concrete. After passing inspection, the concrete footings are poured and forms are set to establish the perimeter of your new Texas Strong home. Next, plumbing systems are marked in chalk, dug, set, and tested by our Texas Strong Homes Builder Team. Once approval from all inspectors is received, the slab or foundation of your new home is poured, creating a solid foundation for a resilient home.


As your foundation is being prepared and poured, the wall panels and engineered roof trusses – which make up the engineered framing system – are being built in a controlled environment off-site. When this engineered framing system is delivered to your homesite, the framer begins by outlining the walls of the home in chalk on the foundation. The walls are then nailed in place and secured. Once all is secure, the framers will install the outside sheathing and set the trusses or roof structures. All the while, exterior doors and windows, felt paper and shingles are also being installed.



Once the framing phase is complete, the plumber will then attach pipes to all plumbing protruding from the foundation. Then the air ducts and air returns will be installed. At this time, a 3rd-Party Inspector and Texas Strong Homes’ Builder Team will inspect the electrical and plumbing systems and final framing of your brand-new home. Then the electrician will install all electrical plug boxes, switch boxes, as well as set television and phone outlet boxes. The electrician will then run wire through the attic area connecting all of the electrical boxes


At this meeting, we will meet you at your new home and will show you the function of the mechanical and structural features of your home.  This is also a great opportunity to bring up any questions or issues with us.

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After the frame tour, the fascia, soffit and exterior ceiling, covering your front entry and back patio, will then be installed. Next, the forms will be set and concrete poured for your driveway, sidewalk, front entry and back patio. After all concrete is dry, your yard will be leveled and graded. Any landscaping top be done will be done last.


After the frame tour is completed, construction on your new home will continue with the insulation process. Walls are insulated with an R-13 bat that is stapled into the wall to prevent sagging. Next, sheetrock is installed and joints are then taped, bedded and sanded smooth and walls and ceilings are textured and painted. After all cabinets, interior doors and trim work are installed, your home interior trim will be painted, plumbing fixtures set, and lighting, switches, plugs and outlets will be installed. After the electrician and plumber are finished, the flooring team will come to install your flooring. Last, but not least, the Texas Strong Homes’ Detail Team will add the final touches and thoroughly clean your brand-new Texas Strong Home.




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